B i o g r a p h y



Armed with a plywood classical guitar his brother had given him, a Spanish/English dictionary stowed away in his back pocket, and a dream, Benjamin Bolt set sail for Spain when he was seventeen.  His goal was to study with the father of classical guitar Andres Segovia.  It would take the boy three years to turn his vision into reality.  First he would have to work hard and prove himself with his first teacher in Spain, Jose Luis Rodrigo.  On his eighteenth birthday while registering for the draft at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, his destiny magically appeared.  Sitting just two meters away was maestro Andres Segovia.  He was waiting to sign his visa in order to enter America for his celebrated annual tour.  After Benjamin introduced himself, Segovia helped the young man, setting up lessons with one of his assistants, Jose Tomas.  All of Benjamins sacrifice would soon be rewarded in the summer of 1973, Madrid Spain.  He would study with the ultimate Andres Segovia when he was nineteen.  Segovia bequeathed a full scholarship to Benjamin to continue his music studies in Spain out of his own pocket!

    “Benjamin Bolt is an excellent guitarist with fine tone.”
                -Andres Segovia

Now a young man of twenty, Benjamin studied with Abel Carlevaro in Paris.  Impressed with Benjamins enthusiasm, Carlevaro invited  him to study under full scholarship at the yearly Master Classes held in Porto Allegre Brazil.  Equally impressed with maestro Carlevaro, Bolt decided to make Montevideo, Uruguay his new home.  Bolt completed his music studies under the direction of maestro Guido Sentorsola at the “Escuela Normal de Musica.”



Brian Bell of the band "Weezer" and Brian Vodinh of the band "Ten Years" are Benjamins best known students. Check them out on Youtube!